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We are a group of like-minded volunteers who care about dialysis patients and are willing to make a difference. For us, it´s personal. Each member of our group knows a personal friend and relative who suffered kidney failure and is on renal dialysis. Our president, Anita, was on haemodialysis herself for 9 years, until she received a kidney transplant in 1999.

Did you know that there are over 800 dialysis patients Victoria wide? Unfortunately, this rate is expected to rise over the next decade, with recent research suggesting a strong link between kidney disease and Diabetes as a common cause of renal failure, leading to life on dialysis.

We understand that life, as a renal dialysis patient isn´t easy. Typically, dialysis patients spend 4 hours a day, 3 days a week, on a life support system to perform the kidney´s function.

Our aim as a group is to help enhance the restricted lifestyle of dialysis patients throughout Victoria, by providing them with necessary comfort items and facilities whilst dialysing.

100% of the funds we raise go towards dialysis patient "wish lists" and items suggested from patient feedback. Sometimes it is the little things we purchase that make a world of difference to dialysis patient comfort, like heat packs and more comfortable pillows. But often, bigger investments are needed towards more comfortable hospital-grade chairs and ice machines.

Our major fundraising activities include cooking demonstrations, film nights, shopping tours, raffle ticket sales and our annual dinner.

We would like to thank all our supporters over the years, for helping us make a difference.

With Love,

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Dialysis Support Group Committee

Committee Members:

Anita Narduzzo OAM
Kangie Frigo
Vice President
Peter La Porta
Antonella Traglia

John Ballestrino
Emanuela Cavka
Nancy Corica
Dorelle Coyne
Grace De Cunto
Angela Urbino


The Royal Melbourne Dialysis Support Group was founded in March 2000.†As a recipient of a kidney transplant in June 1999. I formed a committee to help raise funds for the dialysis units; which comes under the umbrella of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The committee is made of ex-carers, family, friends and myself, an ex patient.†After years of hospital care, I felt a social responsibility in needing to do something for the hospital care, I felt a social responsibility in needing to do something for the hospitalís Nephrology Department and ultimately fellow sufferers, in return for all its years of support for my family and myself.

Having been on dialysis for nine years myself prior to my transplant, I decided to spend the time I would have been on dialysis each week by giving something back to the community and providing some better care to the dialysis patients.†Patients generally spend 3-4 hours on dialysis, 3 times a week and subsequently I devote a minium of 15- 20 hours contributing to the improved health and wellbeing of patients not dissimilar to myself.†All funds raised go towards enshancing the restricted life-style of dialysis patients within Victoria.

Anita Narduzzo OAM

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